18 May

What is Notcoin? 

Initially, Notcoin emerged as a clicker game on the Telegram platform developed by Open Builders. It garnered immense popularity, attracting over 35 million fans. The main allure of the game lay in its simple premise: every tap on a gold coin yielded more NOT coins for players. Essentially, anyone could accumulate tokens by interacting with the screen. Additionally, Notcoin boasted global leaderboards with multiple levels, allowed players to form squads, and offered numerous boosts and perks. This innovative concept presented a cost-effective alternative to traditional mining methods, heralding a new chapter in the cryptocurrency sector.

Here are 5 easy methods to begin earning with Notcoin immediately:


  1. Active Tapping: Engage in relentless tapping on the gold coins within the game interface. Each tap accumulates more NOT coins, allowing you to steadily build your digital wealth over time.
  2. Joining Squads: Collaborate with other players by joining or forming squads within the game. By pooling resources and coordinating efforts, you can enhance your earning potential through collective tapping and shared rewards.
  3. Utilize Boosts and Perks: Take advantage of in-game boosts and perks to amplify your earnings. These enhancements may include multipliers for coin yields, faster accumulation rates, or temporary boosts to squad productivity.
  4. Climb the Leaderboards: Strive to ascend the global leaderboards by consistently earning and accumulating NOT coins. Achieving higher rankings not only brings recognition but may also unlock exclusive rewards and privileges.
  5. Participate in Events: Keep an eye out for special events or challenges hosted within the game. Participating in these activities can offer unique opportunities to earn bonus rewards, additional coins, or exclusive in-game items.

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