22 Apr

Even if the much anticipated Bitcoin (BTC) halving event hasn't had a big impact on the cryptocurrency market yet, certain of its assets—some of which are still available for less than $1 per wholecoin—represent an excellent buying opportunity this week.

#1 Dogecoin (DOGE)
In particular, the first option is Dogecoin (DOGE), the cryptocurrency asset associated with the doge meme, which might see a bullish rise toward $1 in the next weeks, as noted by prominent cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez. Martinez said that Dogecoin was consolidating after emerging from a descending triangle.

As of April 22, data indicates that the price of DOGE is currently at $0.15979, below the important price threshold of $0.16 it had previously hit. The price has decreased by 0.70% for the day, 1.87% for the previous week, and 4.06% for the entire month.

#2 Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) development team is actively striving to expand the ecosystem in the meantime, and one of their goals is to introduce a new Layer 3 blockchain, which could raise interest in SHIB. Leading SHIB developer Shytoshi Kusama offered the following commentary on the development:

 "As we work to complete this massive decentralized experiment, we are thrilled to have the backing of such strong VCs, angel investors, and brands."

Shiba Inu is now trading at $0.00002696, indicating a rise of 1.55% over the last day and a more notable 15.74% increase over the preceding seven days as it attempts to undo the 3.11% monthly decrease that has accumulated.

#3 XRP (XRP)

According to pseudonymous cryptocurrency specialist Egrag Crypto, XRP appears ready for a massive price move following a recent consolidation. This conclusion is based on an examination of the token's past price movements and chart patterns, including those between 2017 and 2021.

The XRP coin is currently trading at $0.53377, up 4.14% over the past week and 1.09% on its daily chart as it attempts to recover the 13.84% decline it saw over the previous month.

In the end, the cryptocurrencies listed above that are under $1 might be the best bet for investors this week. But it's crucial to keep in mind that the winds in the cryptocurrency market could suddenly start blowing in a different direction, so it's imperative to conduct independent research and thoroughly consider all of the dangers involved.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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