15 Apr

This week, as a result of a combination of external factors and the impending Bitcoin halving, volatility in the price of BTC is expected.

After a 15% decline in price, Bitcoin has an uphill battle to reclaim lost ground as the new week begins.

Traders are moping after a disastrous weekend for cryptocurrencies, but Bitcoin is already recovering.

Thus, geopolitical sensitivity will be a major theme this coming week, with analysts drawing parallels between the COVID-19 cross-market disaster that occurred in March 2020 and the recent events in the Middle East.

As a result of the confrontations between Israel and Iran, cryptocurrencies have suffered the most thus far, with BTC/USD holding onto its $60,000 support level.

Nevertheless, leverage had a complete flush, and even on Bitcoin, 30% of open interest vanished. 

There will be a lot to deal with in the future; although volatility is now clearly apparent, Bitcoin's next block subsidy halving is only a few days away.

As a result, the stage is set for continued volatility as the price action of BTC becomes everything but dull.

Bulls in Bitcoin recover after a sharp decline to $61,000

It's reasonable to say that this past weekend brought us a crypto market nightmare that has never been witnessed before.

Since cryptocurrency markets are the only free-trading platforms that are available around the clock, they immediately suffered losses when news of new geopolitical unrest in the Middle East surfaced.

Just as in early 2022, there was a sharp decline in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The low point for BTC/USD was slightly over $61,000.

Much worse, other altcoins lost 50% of their value before joining BTC/USD in what has been a gradual recovery.

Some were taken aback by the magnitude of the changes, but popular analyst Matthew Hyland claimed that looking back, the warning indications of a flash correction were already there.

"BTC is still essentially consolidating at all-time highs." He wrote, "ALTs were punished, but I believe it was done to remove the weaker and overly leveraged players from the market" at the end of a post on X (previously Twitter).

Renowned trader and analyst Credible Crypto noticed persistent changes in liquidity being put and taken off of Binance, the biggest exchange, by examining order book data.

He summed up, saying, "Spot still trading at a premium- everything else still looking very healthy."

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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