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Manila, 23 June 2023- AIBC, a leading organization in the sector, is thrilled to announce its upcoming event in Manila, scheduled for 19th to 22nd July 2023. This dynamic gathering will unite the brightest minds in the industry, fostering valuable connections between our extensive Western network and Asian suppliers, operators, and affiliates. Embracing Digital AccelerationAmidst the ever-changing post-pandemic landscape, businesses are propelling digital acceleration to future-proof their industries. 

This swift pivot towards digital technologies is reshaping the business landscape, heralding the emergence of new trends such as fintech evolution and the expansion of data centers in the Web3 era.

Leading the WayThe Philippines is poised to take the lead as a business hub with notable developments on the horizon. Notable highlights include Alibaba Cloud's establishment of a data center in the country, Beeinfotech PH's introduction of The Hive—a telco-neutral facility boasting 3,000 servers in Pasig—and DFNN's plans to invest in the country's first green data center in the Freeport Area of Bataan.Driving National GrowthIn 2021, the country implemented a strategic framework known as CHIP (Connect, Harness, Innovate, Protect), designed to prepare for comprehensive participation in the global digital economy and serve as a catalyst for digital transformation.

Under CHIP:

  • Connect focuses on establishing and fortifying the nation's digital transformation roadmap.
  • Harness emphasizes upskilling and re-skilling initiatives to enhance the country's global competitiveness.
  • Innovate centers on the digitalization and integration of online government and business services.
  • Protect prioritizes risk mitigation in cybersecurity and privacy, combatting digital monopolies, and ensuring equality of opportunities.

AIBC invites industry stakeholders, media, and the public to witness the electrifying advancements in the digital landscape at the Manila event. 

This immersive experience promises to chart a course towards a vibrant future of innovation and collaboration in the global digital economy.For media inquiries and event registration, please contact [Contact Information].

About AIBC

AIBC is a renowned organization dedicated to fostering growth and progress in the sector. With a wealth of expertise and a vast network of industry professionals, AIBC is committed to driving innovation and facilitating transformative connections on a global scale. Visit https://aibc.world/asia/ to learn more.

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June 2023, CryptoniteUae

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