05 Jul

Crypto giant Binance is marking its 7th anniversary with a whopping 200 million users worldwide! To celebrate this milestone, they've launched a new campaign called "Be Binance."

This achievement signifies the maturing digital asset industry, with Binance leading the charge.  Having surpassed 100 million users in just five years, the next 100 million came even faster, highlighting the platform's explosive growth. The company attributes this success to "determination, curiosity, and responsibility."

The "Be Binance" campaign focuses on celebrating and rewarding loyal users, emphasizing the company's core values of humility, kindness, collaboration, and gratitude. With a daily trading volume exceeding $25.3 billion, Binance remains the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by a significant margin.

Looking ahead, Binance sees this 200 million user base as a stepping stone towards reaching the first billion Web3 users. "A few years ago, 200 million users looked like something from a sci-fi movie," said a Binance CMO, highlighting the immense potential for further growth.

July 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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