03 Apr

One of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, declared that it will assist the Neutron (NTRN) network upgrade, which is scheduled to begin on April 10, 2024, at about 17:30.

The Neutron (NTRN) Network Upgrade Will Be Facilitated by BinanceTo facilitate a seamless transition and the best possible user experience, Binance will temporarily halt token deposits and withdrawals on the Neutron (NTRN) network in advance of the network upgrade.

The improvement is planned to occur at block height 9,034,900 on the same day at roughly 16:30.
Token trading on the Neutron network won't be impacted by the update, even though deposits and withdrawals won't be allowed.

By handling all technical requirements for the update on behalf of its users, Binance will allay operational worries.
Token deposits and withdrawals on the Neutron network will begin anew after the network update is finished and considered stable.

Users can rest easy knowing that Binance has promised not to release any more information about the reopening of deposits and withdrawals, which would indicate that the upgrade process is over.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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