27 Jun

Marathon Digital, a major Bitcoin mining company, is dipping its toes into new waters. In a recent announcement, the company revealed it has mined $16 million worth of Kaspa (KAS) tokens since September 2023. This move signifies a strategic effort to diversify revenue streams beyond Bitcoin (BTC).

Kaspa, a cryptocurrency designed to address scalability issues plaguing Bitcoin, offers Marathon access to potentially higher profit margins. The company claims margins for Kaspa mining can reach 95% compared to Bitcoin's current market.

While Bitcoin remains Marathon's core focus, Kaspa presents an attractive opportunity. The company has already deployed specialized Kaspa mining machines (ASICs) and plans to further expand their Kaspa operations in the coming months. This diversification strategy could help shield Marathon from fluctuations in the Bitcoin market. 

June 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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