04 Apr

Due to the extraordinary rates at which capital has been pouring into the coin, on-chain data indicates that the Bitcoin Realized Cap has reached a new all-time high (ATH).

The $540 billion mark was recently crossed by the bitcoin realized cap.
The on-chain analytics company Glassnode covered the current movement in the "Realized Cap" of Bitcoin in its most recent weekly report.

When we talk about the Realized Cap, we're talking about a cryptocurrency capitalization model that determines the asset's overall value by assuming that the value of each coin in circulation is equal to the price at which it was last transferred on the blockchain, not the spot price right now.

With the assumption that the most recent transaction involving a coin on the blockchain was probably a sale, the Realized Cap would essentially be accounting for the cost basis of every coin in circulation.

Consequently, one way to read the model is as a way to determine how much money investors have invested in total to buy Bitcoin.

Naturally, as the price has surged, investors have become more active traders, which explains the pattern in the realized cap. In order to reap their profits, old hands would be shifting their coins, which would reset their cost base to the present high price points.

The analytics company observes, "As these coins trade hands, we can also consider this to be an injection of fresh demand and liquidity into the asset class." Capital poured into the asset throughout the 2021 bull run, as the chart illustrates, with the indicator reaching new highs over a considerable amount of time.

With a monthly growth rate of $79 billion, the value of the Bitcoin Realized Cap has recently broken through the $540 billion mark.

For the asset, this enormous rate of capital inflows is unprecedented. The existence of Bitcoin spot exchange-traded funds (ETFs) during this bull run is probably the reason for this pattern.Only in January did spot ETFs—a more conventional way to invest in cryptocurrencies—get approved. These funds have been steadily consuming the supply of BTC ever since.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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