16 May

Blast, an emerging Ethereum layer-2 scaling network created by the founder of NFT marketplace Blur, has revealed a launch date for its upcoming BLAST token airdrop: June 26. This announcement comes later than originally anticipated.

In a statement on Twitter, the official Blast network account expressed regret for the delay, promising an increased airdrop allocation to compensate for the postponement.

Ahead of the token launch, Blast plans to conduct two additional distributions of Blast Gold points, which function similarly to airdrop points but are tailored for decentralized app (dapp) creators working on the network. Many dapps have subsequently shared their awarded gold with users, including Fantasy Top, a popular NFT game centered around Crypto Twitter influencers.

Half of the token airdrop will be allocated to developers via Blast Gold, while the remaining half will be distributed to early users, including those who transferred funds to the network before the Blast mainnet went live in late February. Users had collectively bridged over $2.3 billion worth of cryptocurrency in hopes of earning points for the forthcoming airdrop.

Beyond the typical quest for yield among crypto traders, there is considerable interest in Blast due to its strong focus on user incentives, a strategy that has proven successful for both Blur and its users. In 2023, Blur distributed approximately $818 million worth of tokens to traders, positioning itself as the second most valuable airdrop of the year.

Blast has been gaining momentum, particularly through its early apps, games, and tokens. Fantasy Top, in particular, has dominated conversations on Crypto Twitter in recent weeks, contributing to an uptick in NFT trading volume. Similarly, Pacmoon, a meme coin driven by viral content creation incentives, reached a new all-time high price last week.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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