26 Apr

Square Merchants can now use the Cash App to convert their daily sales into Bitcoin thanks to a new feature from financial services company Block. Jack Dorsey, the creator of Block, made the news on the social media network X. The release states that merchants that use Square can now convert their earnings into Bitcoin, which range from 1 to 10% of the market value of the most valuable cryptocurrency, BTC. It's important to note that Square Merchants have the ability to convert their fiat sales revenue into Bitcoin down to Satoshis. 

According to Block's release, within the same working day, the daily sales that are sent to Cash App's accounts will be converted from currency to Bitcoin. A confirmation will be sent to merchants following the completion of the conversion. Nevertheless, there will be a 1% conversion fee. Notably, since its release, Block's Cash App has drawn a lot of users and been extremely popular. A study claims that Block's Cash App brought in $14.3 billion in revenue in 2023—a 34.9% increase over 2022 sales.

Two days after announcing the BTC Conversion Feature for Square Merchants, Block announced that they were working on a full Bitcoin mining system. In fact, two days earlier, Block had declared that it had finished developing three-nanometer circuits for Bitcoin mining and is now progressing towards developing a Full Bitcoin Mining System.

Block Declares the Creation of a Complete Bitcoin Mining System

The Bitcoin Mining System is being developed by Block company founder Jack Dorsey in response to issues that mining companies are facing. Their group has conversed and gathered insights from Bitcoin miners. in keeping with their objective of promoting decentralized mining and according to miner insights. Block is in the process of releasing its standalone mining chip-compatible Full BTC Mining System design.

Block has issued a need for further input on miner purchasing, maintenance, transparency, and software problems from the mining community for the Mining System. It's important to remember that Block finished designing a five-nanometer BTC mining chip prototype in 2023.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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