10 May

Notcoin (NOT), a play-to-earn game and token integrated as a mini-app on Telegram, is gaining traction as major cryptocurrency exchanges prepare to list the token.

ByBit has officially announced the listing of Notcoin on its platform, with deposits already available as of May 9. Trading and withdrawals for NOT on ByBit are scheduled for May 16 and May 17, respectively. The token will be traded via The Open Network (TON) and ByBit's automated trading tool.

Binance will commence spot trading of Notcoin on May 16, following its addition to the launch pool on May 9. Additionally, Telegram's third-party custodial crypto wallet, Wallet, will integrate NOT into its app on May 16.

OKX plans to feature Notcoin at its Jumpstart Mining event on May 13, allowing Toncoin (TON) holders to stake their TON and receive rewards in NOT.

ocial media buzz around NOT is evident, with the "#Notcoin" hashtag accumulating over 35,000 posts. Launched in January 2024, Notcoin is a play-to-earn game on Telegram where users can earn rewards in NOT by tapping coin icons. It is based on the TON blockchain and was founded by Sasha Plotvinov, attracting millions of users despite NOT not yet being listed on major exchanges.

The official Notcoin Community channel on Telegram boasts over six million subscribers, with 1.6 million followers on X. The game has attracted 648,015 participants according to data from the Notcoin bot on Telegram.

The price of NOT post-listing remains uncertain, according to the Notcoin team, as the mining phase has already concluded.
The news coincides with the TON ecosystem's growing popularity, with major investor Pantera Capital disclosing its strategic investment in TON as its "largest investment ever." 

Toncoin (TON) has experienced a significant spike in response, rising from around $5.5 to nearly $7, trading at $6.88 at the time of writing, up approximately 27% over the past seven days.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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