30 May

Bybit, a leading crypto exchange ranked among the top three by trading volume, has observed a notable increase in EUR trading activity subsequent to the introduction of its EUR Zero Fees Fiesta initiative in April 2024. 

This campaign underscores Bybit's commitment to broadening its presence in the European market while providing European traders with a competitive and financially advantageous trading platform.

Bybit rises to the second rank in the Netherlands

Trading volume for EUR pairings on Bybit has increased by 13% on average every day since the EUR Zero Fees Fiesta promotion began.

Bybit's position as a prominent participant in the European cryptocurrency market was cemented by this upsurge, and the exchange's current ranking of second in the Netherlands attests to its sway over the market.

The significance of democratizing access to the cryptocurrency market in Europe was highlighted by Joan Han, Sales & Marketing Director of Bybit, who said:

"We're making it simpler and more economical for European customers to engage in the bitcoin market by doing away with EUR trading fees. Europe is one of the major growth markets in our opinion, and we are committed to provide a simplified experience for European traders."

The European cryptocurrency market's expansion

Beyond simply eliminating fees, Bybit is dedicated to promoting a thriving and easily accessible cryptocurrency environment in Europe. The EUR Zero Fees Fiesta campaign eliminates additional costs, making it easier for users to participate without being charged unexpectedly.

When paired with Google Pay's easy one-click purchase option in 35 different currencies, Bybit makes it simple for customers in Europe to buy and trade cryptocurrencies.

Bybit's emphasis on innovation and customer-focused services highlights its status as a platform that is becoming more and more popular among traders in Europe, providing a practical and effective environment for cryptocurrency trading.

Bybit's tactics for engaging the community

Apart from the EUR Zero Fees Fiesta campaign, Bybit has planned several community outreach programs.

With the tagline "Ignite Your Trades, Seize the Crowns," the Bybit Trader of 2024 project sought to provide traders with cutting-edge resources and critical information to enhance their performance in the market.

Bybit also intends to offer a number of events all year round.

There will be monthly trade tournaments where players can showcase their tactics and abilities, rewarding and identifying engaged community members.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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