18 Apr

With a profound statement full of promise and optimism, CEO of the Cardano Foundation Frederik Gregaard said that the company is poised to usher in a new era of decentralized governance.

Gregaard also mentioned that the entire constitution is on the way in a recent tweet, which underlines the imminent release of the interim constitution as Cardano moves forward with its push toward decentralized government.

Due to the fact that it lays forth guidelines for behavior, the Cardano Constitution is among the most important papers in creating the framework for community governance in Cardano.

As this is awaiting, the temporary constitution will uphold the fundamental values of Cardano governance, including openness, transparency, and responsible decision-making, to guarantee that all individuals have a say and that each and every ADA holder influences the course of history.

Additionally, rules to assist all Cardano stakeholders in navigating this crucial stage of on-chain governance would be established via the interim constitution.

Every ADA holder, developer, and participant is regarded as a community member with rights, privileges, and obligations under the interim constitution, which outlines the foundation of Cardano governance: inclusivity.

In the same way, true ownership requires an equitable voting process. The temporary constitution will let the Cardano community test the governance model before it is finalized, helping Cardano get ready for its significant era of decentralized governance.

The Chang hard fork by Cardano

The Chang hard fork, Cardano's first significant technological milestone, is scheduled for 2024.

The first move toward creating a minimally functional community-run government will be this networking event. With the consent of the Cardano community, it will be put into effect utilizing the consensus technique created by this hard fork.

The bootstrapping phase of the Cardano governance architecture has begun, and it is anticipated that Delegate Representatives (DReps) will be essential to this process.

The DReps are one of the important community governing bodies for Cardano governance. They are chosen to vote as the community's representatives on numerous proposals that affect the Cardano blockchain.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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