21 Jun

On-chain analytics platform Santiment has recently highlighted a potential scenario that could propel Cardano (ADA) to new heights. The crux of this hypothesis lies in the heavy shorting activity that Cardano is currently experiencing.

The Rocket Fuel Analogy

Santiment likens the prevalent shorting activity to "rocket fuel" for a price rally. This analogy stems from the belief that the liquidation of these short positions could trigger a cascade effect, leading to a significant upward price movement. Essentially, as traders scramble to cover their short positions, they are forced to buy ADA, which in turn fuels demand and drives the price higher.

The Relief Pump Phenomenon

Cardano, along with XRP, recently experienced what is known as a "relief pump" following a general decline in the crypto market. However, market sentiment suggests that this upswing may not necessarily signify a complete bullish reversal.

The Good Sign for Patient Bulls

Despite the uncertain market sentiment, Santiment views the heavy shorting of Cardano and XRP as a positive sign for those investors who are willing to hold onto their positions. The reasoning behind this optimism is that the eventual liquidation of these short positions could provide the necessary momentum to propel these cryptocurrencies to higher price levels.

The Broader Market Context

It's important to note that this potential price rally for Cardano would likely unfold within a broader market context. The overall sentiment of the cryptocurrency market, along with other external factors, would undoubtedly play a role in the magnitude and sustainability of any price increase.


While the heavy shorting of Cardano carries an inherent risk for those involved in the practice, it also presents a potential opportunity for a significant price rally. The liquidation of these short positions could serve as the catalyst for an explosive upward movement, fulfilling Santiment's "rocket fuel" analogy. However, the realization of this scenario hinges on various market factors and the overall trajectory of the cryptocurrency market. As with any investment, due diligence and careful consideration of the risks involved are paramount.

June 2024, Cryptoniteuae 

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