05 Jul

ChromaWay, a blockchain innovator, has announced its inclusion in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network, according to a recent disclosure. This collaboration aims to streamline enterprise adoption of ChromaWay's blockchain solutions alongside offerings from other leading software vendors.

The integration with AWS brings several advantages for ChromaWay.  Firstly, AWS boasts a dominant position in cloud computing and strong support for blockchain technology, backing over 70 prominent protocols and public networks. 

ChromaWay intends to leverage this by utilizing AWS infrastructure to simplify developer setups with 'one-click' cloud environments. This streamlining will make it easier to create blockchain applications using ChromaWay's programming language, Rell.

Overall, this partnership signifies ChromaWay's commitment to user experience and accessibility within the decentralized web (Web3). By simplifying the development process and offering familiar AWS infrastructure, ChromaWay hopes to broaden participation and propel the growth of the Chromia blockchain ecosystem.

July 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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