22 Mar

In a class-action lawsuit against "BitBoy Crypto" YouTuber Ben Armstrong and other crypto influencers for allegedly endorsing the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, Armstrong's attorneys asserted that they have received several threats from Armstrong.

After the lawsuit was filed on March 15, according to a March 20 court filing by the class action's attorneys in a Florida district court, Armstrong "began harassing" the attorneys with "endless phone calls, tweets and emails," as well as "insulting and threatening posts on Twitter, YouTube, and other social media."

In the lawsuit, which wants $1 billion, Armstrong is one of numerous alleged "FTX influencers" who are accused of "promot[ing] [the] FTX crypto scam without revealing payments."

Armstrong allegedly made "up to 21 calls in a 45-minute period at times" and left voicemails "laden of vulgarities" that "particularly" targeted the attorneys.

According to the petition, Armstrong allegedly warned Adam Moskowitz, one of the attorneys involved in the class-action lawsuit, in a voicemail that "we're going to have First Amendment protesters around your house 24/7 day and night."

In the petition, Armstrong's March 16 YouTube video was also mentioned. According to the complaint, it was intended for the plaintiff's attorneys and those who paid for the lawsuit and warned them that Armstrong was "coming at them with full force."

Armstrong, according to the attorneys, "encouraged others to join the attacks."
Armstrong allegedly warned Moskowitz that "these individuals are violent" and may get "you and your family shot" in another message, which prompted a report to the police.

In another email, which was also included in the case, Armstrong is said to have called Moskowitz a "bitch" and a "unbelievably dumb mother fucker" before going on to claim that he "never even pushed FTX" and warning him to "expect a counter suit bitch."

Armstrong sued fellow YouTube clip producer Erling Mengshoel Jr., commonly known by the handle "Atozy," for defamation, but eventually abandoned the case, according to a court document. This is allegedly "not the first time" Armstrong has sparked "dangerous controversy."

Whats Going to be the conclusion Of this Lawsuit, Why did Armstrong react if he is not Guilty?

Editor- Sarah Fathima Ahmed     

March 2023, CryptoniteUae

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