28 May

Taking place May 29th to 31st, 2024, Consensus 2024 promises to be a landmark event in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This year's iteration, hosted by CoinDesk in Austin, Texas, brings together a stellar lineup of speakers and promises to be a hotbed of innovation, debate, and exploration of the future of Web3.

A Multi-Faceted Event:

Consensus 2024 isn't just about talks and panels. It's a multi-faceted experience designed to cater to a diverse range of attendees. The event features a three-day hackathon, the first co-hosted by CoinDesk and EasyA. This will bring together the brightest developers from around the globe to build the next generation of Web3 applications.For those interested in the creative and cultural aspects of blockchain technology, there are sessions dedicated to artists, creators, and gamers. Here, attendees can explore how blockchain is transforming these industries and fostering new communities.Entrepreneurs and investors will find plenty to engage them as well. Consensus serves as a meeting ground for startups and established players in the crypto space, fostering collaboration and igniting new partnerships.

Main Stage Luminaries:

While the full speaker list is still being revealed, CoinDesk has already confirmed an impressive roster of thought leaders and industry heavyweights. These speakers will undoubtedly shape the discussions and debates that take place at Consensus 2024. Here are a few names to look out for:

  • Industry pioneers and innovators who have been at the forefront of blockchain technology's development.
  • Regulators and policymakers who are grappling with the implications of this new technology for financial systems and governance.
  • Leading figures from the world of venture capital, who are investing in the future of Web3.
  • Influencers and personalities who are shaping the public perception of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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