23 Apr

This past weekend, on the CoinPoker website, celebrity poker player Antanas "Tony G" Guoga defeated an anonymous whale in a high-stakes 1000/2000 game to win a sum slightly over $300,000.

The game was played as a part of the 41 tournaments that make up the Crypto Series of Poker (CSOP), which is offering $1 million in prize money.

Guoga, the creator of CoinPoker, witnessed the high-rolling user nvoskob1986, who had pitted two pairs of Aces and fives against Guoga's two pairs of Aces and Jacks, call the hand.

Although Guoga's winning pot is the biggest TwoPlusTwo has seen this month, it might not stay the highest for very long because the series is scheduled to continue next weekend.

On a wild poker hand at CoinPoker, Crypto Whales wagered $300K USDT

Tony G was the starting player on CoinPoker, with USDT 547,323, while his opponent, nvoskob1986, was sitting on USDT 152,413.

Prior to nvoskob1986 calling at USDT 12,000, his opponent raised the pre-flop to USDT 6,000. Guago then 3-bet to ¥18,000 in response.

After that, there was a USDT 36,000 flop. Tony G bet USDT 36,750, and nvoskob1986 raised to USDT 133,913, putting him all in.

Guoga called at USDT 97,162.70 in response, and both players went all in over the turn and river rounds.

After some time, Tony G called nvoskob1986, who showed the four of diamonds, the six of hearts, the ace of clubs, and the five of spades.

Guoga had enough with his ten of clubs, jack of clubs, three of diamonds, and ace of diamonds to win the prize, which was valued at about USDT 304,000.

At the conclusion of the evening, Tony G had a stack that was estimated to be worth $700,000.

Not CoinPoker's First Huge Pot

High-value pots are common on CoinPoker; in February 2022, Tony G won the highest pot in online poker ever, totaling $7.7 million.

Between now and Sunday, April 28, when the CSOP ends, there might be more large pots visible.

Numerous poker tournaments, including as freerolls, MonsterStack games, progressive knockouts, and pot-limit Omaha tables, have been featured in the series and will continue to be featured.

The Grand Finale on Sunday will be its conclusion, with the top players vying for equally substantial prizes.

Naturally, participants can learn more about CoinPoker without necessarily taking part in the CSOP.

Users can stake cryptocurrency in their poker games on this year-round website.

With a transparent random number generator that users may access at any time, the platform is completely decentralized.

Players can deposit USDT, CHP (CoinPoker), BTC, or ETH, and they can withdraw their profits whenever they'd like. 

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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