16 Apr

The closing days of the Mollars ICO are drawing nigh. The first coin offering will expire in less than thirty days [one month].  The token presale has been incredibly successful in this final phase, as evidenced by the fact that 61% of the ICO token supply has already been sold out.

Over $1,000,000 has been raised in total during the Mollars presale. This initial coin offering amount, on the other hand, is entirely organic; very few initial coin offerings surpass the million-dollar milestone without manipulating figures.

The wallet addresses (ETH, USDT) for the early phases of the presale were disclosed by the developer(s) of this new store of value token for the Ethereum network. The intention to maintain complete openness with dealers was given as the justification for providing this.

Developers and the founder are not given any free tokens

The creator(s) of the Mollars token has also said unequivocally that the goal of this Bitcoin substitute is to be a "fair trade cryptocurrency" [FTC], with all 100 percent of the token supply being put up for auction. No one will receive free or gifted tokens; neither the devs nor the founder will receive token gifts.

The FTC directive makes a clear distinction between Bitcoin and the ERC-20 cryptocurrency. As previously mentioned by the inventor of Mollars, Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, freely retained one million of the coinage. Nobody was able to purchase these coins. And ever since that enormous sum was brought to light, the media has been engulfed in frenzied conjecture regarding several inactive wallets.

Beyond those lines of contrast, the Mollars token has many other noteworthy counterparts to its design.

 Original Crypto Exchange Token

First, it was reaffirmed that, in addition to serving as a store of value, the tokens' restricted quantity will power a strong, fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

The native currency of this new DEX and the means of enabling cross-blockchain trades would be the $MOLLARS token. As the price of Mollars climbs, this would increase the token's scarcity and fragmental value.

Although the DEX's launch date is unknown, developers have proposed that the Mollars cryptocurrency exchange should start at roughly the same time as the ICO’s end. 

Mollars Conserves Money

The goal of the new DEX is to enable traders to make cost savings. These savings are on top of the benefits that come with selecting Mollars versus Bitcoin for digital assets that are meant to be stored for value.

Users will pay $39 on average for a $BTC trade in 2023. Additionally, some cryptocurrency whales lost more than $1 million on a single trade.

Mollars, which is based on the Ethereum layer-1 blockchain technology, is anticipated to have an average transaction value of $7. This 2023 charge, based on statistics, is eighty percent less than the leading competitor, Bitcoin.

The use cases of Mollars make it difficult to argue against the ERC-20 cryptocurrency's future, even though no investment asset has a 100% certain future.

Following the Halving of Bitcoin, Mollies May Gain More Value

Mollars ICO, which debuted shortly after Bitcoin halving, may be the bright spot amid the anticipated decline in the cryptocurrency industry. The value of the coin from today's ICO stage should rise as long as its name is spoken.

According to predictions from several decentralized finance sites, investors should see average gains of +3200% with the Mollars token in a comparatively short amount of time. The lowest estimate was the previously mentioned +2000% forecast from Ari of CryptoNews, and the greatest estimate to date, a +4400% projection that has been supported by numerous media, was the highest.

In layman's words, a coin that grows 32 times in value is the equivalent of a 3200% profit yield. In such a case, for every $1000 invested, investors would be returned $32,000. 

Yield Potential: Short-Term vs. Long-Term

In the long run, Mollars might surpass these numbers nevertheless, since the deflationary token will only be available to the cryptocurrency community in extremely limited quantities.

It is believed that 600 million people trade cryptocurrencies worldwide today.     With just 11 million tokens in circulation, Mollars is based on the most widely used layer-1 blockchain technology available today.     Since over 2.27 million tokens have already been pre-sold on Mollars.com if the branding value of the $MOLLARS token increases enough, it will become more difficult to obtain the "whole token" and people will start purchasing it in fractions known as "Molls."

Why The Value of A Mollars Token Could Approach Thousands of Dollars

Even though some people might not believe it is feasible, keep in mind that, in 2011, just 13 years ago, Bitcoin was only worth less than $0.01; this was before the public even realized what a cryptocurrency was.

Currently, there are about 600 million Bitcoin users worldwide who voluntarily purchase, exchange, or hold digital currency assets. The prolonged waiting period that Bitcoin encountered in 2011, in an attempt to persuade people to accept and believe in virtual currencies, has passed. A cryptocurrency that saves consumers money, has a token with a substantial store of value utility, and operates a workable decentralized exchange that upholds the fundamentals of the industry might expand rapidly.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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