07 Jun

Kevin, formerly known as OG Yomi, a crypto analyst, has identified a positive pattern on the Dogecoin (DOGE) chart, signaling an impending breakout. This forecast comes in the wake of a surge in accumulation by large DOGE holders, potentially influencing the anticipated breakout.

Dogecoin Breakout Signal Indicator is Flashing

The two-month Bollinger Bands breakout indicator on Dogecoin is about to flash a breakout, which is expected to happen for the leading meme coin for the first time since November 2020, according to a post made by Kevin on X (previously Twitter).

The first two-month Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) bullish cross for DOGE since November 2020, he continued, was about to occur.

The analyst gave off the impression that this impending breakout was certain to occur. Similar thoughts were expressed by cryptocurrency expert Kaleo, who stated in a recent X article that Dogecoin seemed poised for a meteoric rise. Dogecoin is so popular that Crypto Kaleo believes it will outperform Bitcoin during this bull run.

A similar forecast was made by Kevin earlier in April, stating that if Dogecoin holds up well throughout this market cycle, it may surpass Bitcoin. Based on past trends, the analyst had also previously estimated that DOGE may increase to $3. Such a significant price increase will almost definitely push the meme coin above the leading cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, recent purchases made by Dogecoin whales may be the catalyst for DOGE's impending breakout. In the past seven days, these investors have bought almost 900 million DOGE. Additionally, cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez has hypothesized that Dogecoin's value would surge rapidly.

He said that the market was as pessimistic about DOGE as it was at the beginning of February, right before its price took off and increased by 200%. It's interesting to note that Martinez thinks Dogecoin might reach $6 during this bull run. Additionally, he had mentioned that DOGE's present lackluster price movement was typical of the company before to significant bull runs.

In this market cycle, DOGE might reach $10

Martinez is not the first cryptocurrency analyst to provide a more ambitious price estimate than Javon Marks. He suggested that Dogecoin might hit $10 in the near future, pointing out a breakout pattern that indicates the meme coin would be headed in that direction. It's interesting to note that the graphic he provided indicated that DOGE might even reach $16.

June 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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