30 Mar

With a larger market valuation than PEPE, Dogwifhat (WIF) is currently the largest memecoin in Solana. It is still not as good as DOGE and SHIB, though. Its worth has increased recently, as seen. Its 7-day RSI has somewhat dropped at the same time. There may be additional price growth given this combination.

EMA lines are also displaying a steadily increasing trend. This pattern portends well for the future. It suggests that WIF's cost would soon surpass $4.7.

WIF Is Still Lagging Behind Other Memecoins Despite Its Growth

Within the Solana blockchain ecosystem, WIF has emerged as the top memecoin. It has a market capitalization that is two times larger than that of its closest competitor, BONK.

Memecoin saw a remarkable increase of over 2,000% in only 2024, rising from a low starting point of $0.17 on January 1 to an astounding $3.75 by March 29. The year-to-date growth of WIF's price surpasses that of other popular memecoins, such as FLOKI, which has grown by 558%, and PEPE, which has increased by 455%.

WIF has surpassed PEPE to become the third-largest memecoin by market capitalization after a startling 66.22% increase over the past seven days. Even with this enormous accomplishment, WIF's market capitalization is still five times less than SHIB's.

The vibrant and expanding Solana memecoin ecosystem raises the possibility that WIF's value will increase even more.

WIF RSI Is Growing, But It Still Has Potential

WIF's pricing went up from March 28 to March 29. On the other hand, the 7-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) decreased slightly, from 86 to 85.

Price momentum is gauged by the RSI using a 0–100 scale. An overbought, possibly overvalued asset that is likely to pull back is indicated by an RSI above 70. An asset that is cheap and ready for a comeback is indicated by an RSI of less than thirty.

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