13 May

El Salvador, known for being the first country to adopt Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender, has taken a notable step in its cryptocurrency investment approach. The government has opened up access to Bitcoin investment information through a customized mempool.

According to the most recent data from the mempool, El Salvador's holdings stand at 5,748.76 BTC, with a total value exceeding $352.8 million.

El Salvador Increases Investments in Bitcoin's Transparency

On May 12, the Bitcoin Office, a government-owned organization in El Salvador tasked with overseeing all Bitcoin-related initiatives, revealed this new function via their official X (Twitter) account.

The Bitcoin Office stated, "El Salvador now has its own mempool space where anyone can consult our Bitcoin treasury holdings."

El Salvador's mempool data not only shows the holdings but also reveals that the government has bought an extra 31 BTC in the past month. President Nayib Bukele unveiled the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy in November 2022, which includes this purchase. Bukele previously stated that his administration would purchase one bitcoin every day "until Bitcoin became unaffordable with fiat currencies,".

The crypto community has warmly received El Salvador's mempool, applauding its transparency regarding the country's Bitcoin holdings. Criptolawyer, a prominent figure in the Latin American crypto community and the founder of Legalrocks, a Bitcoin legal advisory and consultancy firm, voiced her approval.

"The Government of El Salvador is openly disclosing its BTC holdings, allowing anyone worldwide to audit their Bitcoin reserves in real-time," Criptolawyer remarked.

Despite the government's robust Bitcoin investment strategy, the adoption rate of Bitcoin in El Salvador remains modest. A study conducted by José Simeón Cañas Central American University revealed that only 12% of the local population in El Salvador had used Bitcoin at least once to make payments for goods and services in 2023.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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