30 Apr

Once the digital asset trading platform FTX collapsed, it became less common to promote cryptocurrencies as profitable investments. 

Nevertheless, given that well-known rapper Eminem is currently providing the voice in a commercial for Crypto.com, there appears to be a rebirth in cryptocurrency endorsements.

The rapper uploaded the promo, which features his narration over a video of a fighter getting ready for a bout, on X. The advertisement will be aired during future sporting events like the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix and a UFC bout. It will debut during the Lakers-Nuggets playoff game at Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles.

The cryptocurrency exchange's motto, "fortune favors the brave," is represented by the hashtag "#FFTB," which Eminem used in his post. Crypto.com has a history of drawing A-list collaborations. The same slogan was used by actor Matt Damon in an earlier advertisement for Crypto.com. He was even the topic of a joke that aired for an entire episode of South Park following the collapse of FTX in 2022.

In addition, the exchange has partnered with the Paris Saint-Germain soccer team and has signed a $700 million, 20-year deal to name the Staples Center (now known as the Crypto.com Arena).

"Crypto.com has become one of the most recognized global brands by partnering with iconic people, places, and events," said Steven Kalifowitz, CMO of Crypto.com. He also said that the new advertisement "reiterates our deep conviction for our industry and the community building it responsibly."

Although the collaboration with Eminem has received notice, some X users have voiced their disdain. "L for promoting crypto again," one user tweeted, while another said, "Not selling out for crypto and the NFL." You have no idea how ill you make me feel.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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