02 Apr

Ethereum's price dropped 25% between March 11 and March 20 from $3,054 to $4,095 to carve out a trading range.

The possibility of Ethereum (ETH) rising higher is attracting the interest of breakout traders. But getting there isn't always easy because of market dynamics, which frequently result in an initial move in the other direction to gather liquidity.

ETH enthusiasts hoping to make gains will need to be patient because of this. Ethereum's price has recently established a trading range, falling 25% between March 11 and March 20 from $3,054 to $4,095 in value. 

As of right now, ETH has broken through the middle of this range and is trading at $3,574, indicating a promising but erratic rise.

Though traders may find this sudden price fluctuation alluring, they need exercise care. The cryptocurrency market is well known for its quick reversals after initial surges, which are intended to gather liquidity below thresholds that are deemed crucial.

Ever since reaching the bottom of its range on March 20, ETH has been making higher highs, indicating that a breakout above $3,574 and $3,658 could lead to a retracement.

 If Bitcoin (BTC) completes its liquidity accumulation period, a decline to $3,461 would present a smart entry target for long holdings. 

In these circumstances, ETH might rise sharply, breaking through the $3,658 barrier and perhaps retesting the crucial $4,000 mark.

It might rise to $4,095 with one more push, particularly in the face of intense selling pressure. On the other hand, if Bitcoin struggles to recover after liquidity collection, it can push other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum lower. 

The positive view for ETH may be contradicted by a decline to Ethereum's range bottom around $3,054 and a subsequent shift of this level to resistance, indicating that the bearish trend is likely to continue. 

A situation like this might cause Ethereum's price to drop by almost 2% and possibly reach the psychologically significant $3,000 level. This prediction highlights the intricate and speculative character of bitcoin trading, highlighting the necessity for investors to exercise prudence and deliberate patience.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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