22 May

As the Fantom (FTM) price surges to its highest levels in a month, investors are pondering whether it's still a good time to invest in Fantom.

Currently priced at $0.8744, FTM has seen a remarkable 35% increase over the past seven days, as reported by CoinMarketCap.

The sudden shift in the SEC's stance on Ethereum ETFs has injected positive energy into the market this week. Notably, major players like Fidelity, Vaneck, Invesco, Ark 21Shares, and Franklin have all submitted amended 19B-4 applications on Tuesday, following rumors of potential approval of spot Ethereum ETFs by the SEC.

This news propelled FTM to nearly $1.0 on Monday, though it has since retreated by around 5%.

Additionally, while not grabbing headlines this week, macroeconomic factors are also contributing positively. Recent US jobs and CPI inflation data have strengthened expectations for potential Fed rate cuts this year. The upcoming release of the Fed minutes is not expected to significantly alter this narrative.

When financial markets start pricing in looser monetary conditions, it tends to benefit cryptocurrencies, with high-beta altcoins like Fantom being particularly sensitive to such shifts.

Furthermore, Fantom has initiated an exciting upgrade aimed at integrating its innovative Sonic technology, adding to the positive sentiment surrounding the project.

Can I Still Purchase Fantom?

Those who invest now will, however, have missed the lowest point of the recent price decline by a significant amount.
That being said, you still have time to purchase Fantom.

FTM is still around 30% below its peak in 2024. Thus, investors can, at the absolute least, be secure in the knowledge that they are not purchasing the market at its most recent peak.

Furthermore, the Fantom price is far from reaching its all-time high. FTM is currently selling at a 75% discount to its record highs, although it did temporarily hit $3.70 in 2021.

In this cycle, investors stand to gain five times if FTM breaks above its 2021 highs.

So, it's still not too late to get Fantom.

Alternative to Consider: Wiener AI (WAI)

This bull market presents a promising opportunity for Fantom. The Fantom Foundation is attempting to create a meme season on blockchain.

If successful, this could hasten FTM's appreciation, as shown with Solana. However, as previously stated, FTM's gains during this bull market could be limited to up to 5x.

Those gains are nothing to brag about. However, other cryptocurrency traders may aim for even higher gains.

Such dealers frequently visit the meme coin market in search of diamonds. The sausage dog-themed coin provides beneficial AI-powered trading features and has already raised more than $2.5 million during its presale.

WAI isn't just your typical meme coin; it combines AI capabilities with the potential for significant passive income.

A notable portion, 20% of the supply, has been earmarked for staking rewards, offering investors a whopping 396% APY, according to the project's official website. This translates to the possibility of doubling the initial presale investment in just a few months.

Prominent figures in the crypto space, including Michael Wrubel, with a substantial YouTube following, see WAI as a top contender for 2024.

Given the impending rise in price when the presale hits $2.7 million, interested investors are urged to act swiftly.

Despite the current price of $0.000709, WAI's market cap remains below $50 million. Should it establish dominance in the market, early investors could potentially reap gains of 100x or more.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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