04 Apr

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While the Fintech and digital journey is accelerating in East Africa, the banking sector inparticular is a breeding ground for new digital business models developed in response tochallenges. Finnovex Global Series proudly presents the Third Annual Edition ofFinnovex East Africa Summit to bring together different stakeholders to a commonplatform and start a constructive engagement to be held on May 23 -24 2023 In-personin Nairobi, Kenya.

The summit themed – “FUTURE-PROOF FINTECH THROUGH INNOVATION AS ASERVICE”, will focus on cutting-edge technology demonstrations, knowledge sharing,high-level networking, and most importantly, face-to-face business discussions betweenBFSI sector decision makers and world-class solution providers looking to transform thedigital future of BFSI companies in the region
Insights would span across ground-breaking topics, which include – Digitalization,Microfinance and Financial Inclusion in East Africa; Harnessing the Power of Banking 4.0,Fintechs Eruption- Opportunities, Championing Open APIs: PioneeringDigital Evolution;Agile Transformation in banking; The Growing Impact of AI, ML and Automation; Open &Embedded Finance;The role of KYC and AML & amp; more.

Date: May 23-24 2023Venue:

In-person – Nairobi, Kenya

Source- Finnovex East Africa

Editor- Sarah Fathima Ahmed

April 2023, CryptoniteUae

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