20 Apr

In its most recent filing, Bitcoin ETF maker Grayscale revealed some information on the Bitcoin Mini Trust (BTC), which has a more appealing 0.15% charge than the uplisted mothership GBTC product.

Additionally, the filing gives an indication of how much Bitcoin (BTC) Grayscale will donate to the mini fund: 63,204 bitcoin, or 10% of the current assets in GBTC. The BTC trust will automatically issue and distribute shares to holders of GBTC shares. (Pro forma financial statements are forecasts of future earnings and costs, derived from historical data and future strategies of a business.) 

The goal of Grayscale's Bitcoin Mini Trust was to provide investors in GBTC with a less expensive option that would put it more competitively with other bitcoin ETFs that were authorized back in January.

The current shareholders of GBTC are also exempt from capital gains tax as a result of this spinoff, meaning their investments will immediately transfer into the new fund. If they choose to go to a rival product with a cheaper cost, certain early-stage GBTC investors with profits in the thousands of percentages would be subject to a large taxable event.

Over ten years ago, Grayscale launched its GBTC, a somewhat expensive 1.5% fee cryptocurrency, through a private placement. Shares started trading over-the-counter (OTC) in the middle of 2015. This persisted until GBTC's uplisting to NYSE Arca as a spot Bitcoin ETF in January 2024.

At slightly over $17.5 billion, BlackRock's IBIT fund is Grayscale's closest competitor, with assets under management now under control at around $19.6 billion.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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