04 Apr

For Yuga Labs' Otherside metaverse, the high-end clothing brand Gucci created a limited-edition pendant that will be available in both physical and nonfungible token (NFT) versions.

The "KodaPendant," a piece of silver jewellery by Gucci, will be released on April 6 for owners of the Koda or Vessel NFTs, which serve as either animals or avatars in Otherside.

The actual necklace is 50 centimetres long and has a pendant in the form of a Koda that is inscribed with "GG." There will be a total of 3,333 available for purchase at 450 ApeCoin each, or about $1,930 at the time of writing.

The associated animated character for the NFTs will undergo a physical update as soon as the Koda or Vessel NFT metadata is updated with a KodaPendant trait after the NFTs are bought.

It is the initial release of a larger collection by Gucci dubbed "Otherside Relics," with the two companies remaining mum about what will come next.

In a blog post from April 4 explaining the collaboration, Yuga Labs said the two aim to "push the boundaries at the intersection of fashion, entertainment, and gaming."

In their statement, the company promised to "work together throughout our extensive partnership to engage Voyagers in immersive experiences at the intersection of fashion, entertainment, and technology."

Source- Yuga Labs

Editor- Sarah Fathima Ahmed     

April 2023, CryptoniteUae

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