01 May

After hosting an unprecedented 24-hour, 12-segment ICP Global Community Townhall on "X" that garnered over 1.5 million viewers, Internet Computer (ICP) has revealed audacious aspirations for widespread adoption.

Building on its impressive progress from the previous year, Internet Computer presents its ground-breaking "ICP HUBS" adoption approach, which has the potential to significantly increase adoption worldwide. Focusing on immersive experiences designed for professionals, enthusiasts, investors, and developers, ICP is poised to reshape the norm for community involvement in the cryptocurrency space.

The creation of 13 flagship "ICP HOUSES" events, which are slated to take place throughout 2024 and coincide with significant global conferences on blockchain and cryptocurrency, is the cornerstone of this plan. These two-day intensive meetings will provide participants with a comprehensive experience by combining learning, growth, teamwork, and celebration all under one roof.

"Global + Local, or GLOCAL, is the secret to a successful adoption plan. While 24 regional ICP HUBS are operating at full capacity, ICP HOUSES will link the dots globally and offer the Ecosystem important chances for cross-pollination. ICP currently possesses both." Emilio Canessa, Head of Global Adoption at DFINITY Foundation, claims that.

ICP HOUSES, which are meant to be multipurpose venues, will accommodate a wide range of events, such as seminars, hackathons, conferences, social gatherings, and even overnight stays for hackers. Participants may anticipate a small, carefully selected setting that fosters deep conversations with business executives, technological specialists, and other enthusiasts.

After the first two ICP HOUSES events (for Web3 Fest in Hong Kong and Buidl Asia in Seoul) were held, there will be eleven more events in important places including Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Indonesia, Kenya, Poland, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and India. Every event aims to give a thorough overview of the rapidly developing ICP ecosystem, fostering worldwide innovation and cooperation.

ICP Hubs Network: An Amazing Year of Development

The ICP HUBS NETWORK has changed dramatically in just a single year, becoming a worldwide decentralized network with 24 chapters and a presence in 40 countries. This hitherto unseen reach highlights Internet Computer's increasing power as a catalyst in the Web3 environment.

The "glocal" empowerment concept, which prioritizes regional adoption and grassroots community development, is essential to this expansion. ICP is revolutionizing stakeholder engagement with blockchain technology by establishing a network of decentralized hubs that promote cooperation and creativity from the ground up.

The ICP HUBS NETWORK, which deviates from conventional, centralized methods, heralds a paradigm change in the cryptocurrency industry toward community-driven innovation and empowerment. 

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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