16 Apr

Recent remarks made by Iraq's Deputy Prime Minister Muhammad Ali Tamim have sparked conjecture in the Bitcoin community over Iraq's possible nation-state involvement into Bitcoin mining, amid a noteworthy diplomatic engagement between the US and Iraq.

Will Bitcoin Mining Begin in Iraq?

Deputy Prime Minister Tamim spoke with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken about a number of programs targeted at modernizing and diversifying Iraq's energy industry. Using new technology to capture flare gas—a waste product of oil extraction that is frequently burned off—was one of the issues covered.

Since this extra gas may be turned into electricity and used to power mining operations, flared gas capturing is of great interest to the Bitcoin community. In addition to offering a commercially feasible solution to a waste issue, this approach supports international initiatives to lessen environmental pollution—a subject Tamim brought out in his lecture.

"The Iraqi government works to ensure the prosperity of the Iraqi people while simultaneously meeting its debts as a nation, particularly in relation to the various stages of the energy sector. It also employs new technologies and modernizes the sector to minimize pollution."

Due to this development, prominent Bitcoin analyst Joe Kerr, also known on X as @Boomstick44, has speculated that Iraq may be heading toward widespread adoption of Bitcoin mining. Kerr took Tamim's statement and regarded it as evidence that only BTC mining could be meant while the Iraqi official was attempting to avoid using the phrase. Kerr tweeted, "Tell me your country is going to start mining Bitcoin for the US without telling me."

Deputy Prime Minister Tamim discussed improving tourism in addition to the possible economic and environmental advantages. El Salvador, for example, has successfully incorporated Bitcoin into its economy, making it more appealing to a worldwide audience interested in BTC.

In fact, El Salvador's decision to make Bitcoin legal tender has spurred interest in the country's travel industry, offering Iraqis a possible avenue to connect technological advancement with economic diversification.

The linkages made by Kerr between Deputy Prime Minister Tamim's remarks and the beginning of Bitcoin mining operations are noteworthy and highlight a growing trend of countries using BTC to address economic and environmental challenges, even though official confirmation from the Iraqi government regarding the start of mining operations is still pending and pure speculation.

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