19 Apr

TradeStation Crypto, a business that has recently secured numerous regulatory licenses throughout the majority of the United States, has been bought by Kraken. The cryptocurrency exchange increases its footprint in the US in this way.

Kraken's acquisition of TradeStation Crypto allows them to increase its footprint in the United States

By acquiring TradeStation Crypto, the well-known cryptocurrency exchange Kraken increases its footprint in the United States.

The crypto-exchange will be able to operate in the US with additional governmental permits thanks to its calculated approach, according to reports.

In fact, TradeStation Crypto, a Florida-based company, has just obtained regulatory licenses in the majority of US states in addition to money transmission permits.

In this context, a Kraken representative might have said something like this:

"We are able to confirm that KRAKEN has recently acquired the cryptocurrency business of Tradestation. This transaction is a component of our efforts to strengthen our position in the United States and will open up new opportunities for growth and product development for KRAKEN in the United States."

 It is noteworthy that this acquisition has not yet been formally declared and has never before been made public.

TradeStation Crypto: Who is Kraken and its US expansion?

TradeStation Crypto, a recently established enterprise acquired by Kraken, is a division of TradeStation Group, which was introduced in November 2020.

In particular, one of the earliest instances of an online broker wholly focused on the cryptocurrency industry is TradeStation Crypto. Its objective is to provide the same features and performance as are now offered in the conventional stock, option, and futures market.

The foundation of the TradeStation Crypto business model is the merging of many liquidity pools into a single market feed and an order processing technology that is so effective that it guarantees better visibility and execution.

Furthermore, TradeStation Crypto is the driving force behind the tangible realization of Miami's ambitious mayor Francis X. Suarez's goal to establish his city as a cryptocurrency hub.

The 3,000-pound, 11-foot Miami Bull statue was commissioned by TradeStation Crypto and unveiled by Suarez at the start of 2022.

Growth of Crypto Services in Europe

Going back to Kraken, the cryptocurrency exchange plans to expand its services throughout Europe.

In reality, Kraken recently received permission from the Dutch Central Bank to register as a VASP in the Netherlands.

In actuality, the crypto-exchange is able to offer its services for managing, transferring, exchanging, and keeping custody of virtual wallets inside the borders of the Netherlands.

In addition, Kraken has been in the headlines recently due to the introduction of its non-custodial bitcoin wallet. With the help of this iOS (iPhone) app, users can independently store and secure cryptocurrency. 

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