31 May

Kuroro Beasts represents a groundbreaking shift in the gaming landscape, introducing a multidimensional realm where players embrace play-to-own principles and drive the economy. Set in the enchanting Kuroro Island, trainers worldwide embark on an immersive journey, collecting, crafting, and battling elemental Beasts. Unlike conventional games where assets are fleeting, Kuroro Beasts grants players true ownership through non-fungible tokens (NFTs), empowering them to freely trade, sell, and utilize their assets across the entire ecosystem.

This player-driven economy fosters a dynamic environment where asset values are community-driven. Whether you're a seasoned gamer seeking a fresh experience or new to the Web3 scene, Kuroro Beasts offers unparalleled engagement and immersion. With its diverse roster of Beasts, strategic battles, and ever-evolving world, Kuroro invites players to explore, discover, and master its universe. Join the vibrant community of trainers shaping the future of gaming by unleashing your inner Beast in Kuroro Beasts.

Announcing our $2.5 million strategic round, with @SanctorCapital and @animocabrands as main investors, and featuring some of the top founders in the web3 gaming space.


  1. Giulio Xiloyannis (CEO Pixelmon)
  2. Jihoz (Co-Founder Axie)
  3. Luke Barwikowski (Founder Pixels Online)
  4. Yat Siu (Co-Founder Animoca Brands)
  5. Zeneca (Founder Zen Academy 
  6. Gabby Dizon (Co-Founder YGG 
  7. Wilsen Tiomajaya (Co-Founder GGG)
  8. Ivan on Teach (CEO Moralis)
  9. Wei Xie (Co-Founder AI Arena)
  10. Hilal (Co-Founder Valeria)
  11. ArkDev (Co-Founder Hytopia)
  12. Dotta (CEO Forgotten Runes)
  13. Shan Kumar (Co-Founder PGojira 
  14. David Johansson (Co-Founder Blocklords)

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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