01 Jun

Despite Cardano's higher market capitalization compared to Litecoin by nearly $10 billion, its network activity falls significantly short. On May 31st, Litecoin recorded 357,260 active addresses, whereas Cardano only had 28,630, indicating a substantial difference in user engagement. While active addresses represent unique wallets involved in successful transactions, it's worth noting that this metric counts each address only once per day, regardless of transaction frequency.

This discrepancy highlights that Litecoin's activity was approximately 12 times higher than Cardano's, suggesting potential implications for cryptocurrency prices. Despite Litecoin's recent price increase to $84.52 with a 1.53% rise in the last 24 hours, Cardano's price remained relatively stagnant at $0.45.

Although Litecoin didn't experience any significant recent developments to justify this significant margin, it still attracted more attention from market participants compared to Cardano. 

However, when examining development activity, Cardano consistently demonstrated strong performance. Data from Santiment revealed a decline in Cardano's development activity to 55.57, indicating a decrease in developer commitment to the blockchain's maintenance. Conversely, Litecoin maintained steady development activity, unlike its dominance in active addresses.

June 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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