05 Apr

On April 2, Litecoin [LTC] outperformed Bitcoin [BTC], spearheading a surge as the latter's price kept falling. Later on in the day, though, LTC reversed nearly all of the gains from a few hours earlier.

However, there was a significant spike in trading volume during the over 15% rise from $95.6 to $109.86. Investors were given hope that a rise in LTC might have started.

The D3 structure was flipped bullishly around $79.5, following the breakout above the Q4 2023 range (purple) highs. On the 3-day chart, the technical indicators were solidly in the positive range. As previously said, the trade volume was constantly larger than it has been in 2023 (June 30th being the exception).

Bull strength was also observed in March by the CMF and the D3 RSI. When combined, they demonstrated a sizable inflow of capital into the LTC market. Prices have increased in recent weeks as a result of this.

The fact that the $80 level was retested as support in early March was quite positive. The bulls' ability to protect it suggested that buyers were determined.

A move above $115 would indicate a positive market structure on the 1-week chart, according to the weekly chart. The price behavior from May 2022 until the present would have been a protracted preamble, a consolidation phase, prior to the next bull run, if LTC bulls are successful in achieving so.

What is the comparison between Bitcoin and Litecoin?

Although Litecoin's structure is optimistic in relation to the stablecoin USDT, it has been severely declining in relation to Bitcoin since the beginning of 2023. The Fibonacci levels indicated where the LTC/BTC pair was predicted to travel and indicated that more losses were anticipated.

As can be seen from the preceding chart, Bitcoin has consistently and significantly surpassed Litecoin. This strengthened the claim that Litecoin was a legacy token whose gains were greatly outpaced by those of more recent, flashier tokens.

Analyzing Santiment stats revealed that throughout the previous month, as Litecoin prices rose, the mean dollar invested age fell precipitously. This was a bullish indication since when prices trend higher, the MDIA typically experiences a severe decline.

It indicates that older coins are starting to circulate again. In 2020, there was a comparable pattern observed between May and August. As soon as Litecoin started to rise, the MDIA started to drop quickly.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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