24 Jul

24th of July, Dubai, UAE - Locus Finance, the brainchild of the team behind the successful $300 million Midas CeFi platform, has set its sights on revolutionizing the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape. 

The platform's novel yield-bearing tokenized vaults offer retail investors worldwide effortless exposure to the DeFi market while mitigating high transactional costs.Locus Finance emerged as a result of the valuable lessons learned from Midas Investments, a CeFi platform that generated substantial yield on top of DeFi. 

However, the market upheaval during the 2022 CeFi collapse led to a seismic shift in both CeFi and DeFi. As a consequence, 60% of assets on the Midas platform, helmed by Iakov Levin, were withdrawn, eventually leading to Midas shutting down with a cumulative loss of $50 million. 

To compensate users, MIDAS tokens were distributed. Locus.finance has emerged as a product of this turbulent journey, embracing fully transparent DeFi strategies, promising a safer and more profitable alternative. 

The community can now migrate and swap their MIDAS tokens for Locus tokens in the future.With three initial products now live, Locus Finance offers diversified yield strategies carefully curated from an extensive array of DeFi protocol opportunities. These products include "Locus Yield ETH," which leverages Ethereum staking for low-risk, diversified yield; "DeFi Core Index," allowing users to capitalize on the growth of DeFi and the Bribes market; and "Arbitrum Yield Index," providing access to Arbitrum-based real yield DeFi trading protocols.CEO Iakov Levin expressed, "Investors don't want to worry about blockchains, protocols, transaction costs, and daily portfolio management. They need specific exposure in a set-and-forget style. 

Vaults represent a unique approach necessary for maturing the retail yield market, allowing for optimal wealth generation for retail investors."The pinnacle of Locus' innovation lies in the creation of Omnichain vaults. 

These vaults seamlessly integrate strategies from any blockchain, monitor them based on market conditions, and ensure the best and most diversified exposure to DeFi, ultimately delivering higher yields and lower risks. Locus Finance aims to become the go-to platform for retail and institutional investors seeking yield market exposure in DeFi.Locus Finance's vision extends far beyond vault products, with plans to build a comprehensive asset management ecosystem. 

This includes the launch of an insurance market to ensure maximum vault security, incorporating a liquidity layer on top of vaults, and providing infrastructure for lending and borrowing vault assets, thus giving investors opportunities to leverage, short, or access liquidity for various purposes. 

Additionally, Locus enables users to monitor their positions with ease through a carefully designed tax report guide and dashboard, offering 24/7 transparency on investment performance.For more information about Locus Finance, interested parties can check out their official docs and join the community on Discord, Twitter, or Telegram.

About Locus Finance: Locus Finance is a decentralized asset management platform that aims to optimize yields across DeFi protocols, strategies, and assets. The platform offers a simplified way of investing in DeFi, integrating transparency while mitigating risks for global users. Its mission is to provide retail investors with easy and secure exposure to the emerging crypto market and DeFi narratives, maximizing ROIs and profits in a hassle-free manner. This, in turn, is expected to foster greater mainstream adoption of DeFi, contributing to a better, more user-centric world.

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