29 Mar

Logan Paul, associated with the NFT project CryptoZoo, has faced accusations of scamming his audience. He has returned to present his perspective in a new documentary.

Logan Paul and the recently released documentary: an account of his NFT business, CryptoZoo

Famous YouTuber and former WWE combatant Logan Paul has made a comeback to the public eye with his NFT business, CryptoZoo, which initially caused losses for investors. Paul says it all over again: CryptoZoo is not a scam.

With a September 2021 debut date established, the introduction of CryptoZoo three years ago generated interest. Logan Paul's NFT idea hasn't yet come to pass, though. The promised game has not materialized, even after NFTs were sold and a ZOO token was introduced.

Paul wants to show in his documentary that although running his NFT enterprise was difficult, it wasn't a planned fraud aimed at investors.

Logan Paul and the recently released film on CryptoZoo, his NFT project

In the documentary, Paul went on to say that his CryptoZoo project was the reason behind his suicide thoughts. He had the impression that he was going through a tunnel and could emerge from it.

In the documentary devoted to him, Paul also makes the assurance that he will "take care" of those who have conspired to make it appear as though he has organized his con.

Furthermore, this kind of lawsuit is known as a "rug pull," alleging that Paul and his group raised money for a new token or NFT collection but then abandoned the project and kept the money from the investors instead of fulfilling their promises of benefits and advantages.

Backpay to investors who were deceived

Paul had not yet reimbursed any of his investors who had been duped, even though his video from July 2023, six months prior, had detailed his plan to put things right.

Again, another broken pledge from the YouTuber, who had previously revealed his three-phase plan to make things right, including the commencement of refunds.

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