11 Apr

Edgar Pavlovsky, the CEO of MarginFi, the company behind the cryptocurrency borrowing and lending platform, resigned on Wednesday as internal conflicts within the major Solana DeFi project became public.

In a resignation notice on X (formerly Twitter), Pavlovsky stated, "I don't agree with the way things have been done internally or externally." MarginFi's official account attributed Pavlovsky's departure to "internal operational disagreements and his personal reasons."

The sudden departure marked a tumultuous day for Solana's second-largest lending platform, characterized by allegations and heated exchanges. Amidst the turmoil, users withdrew nearly $100 million from the platform, as reported by analytics site DeFiLlama, representing MarginFi's highest-ever single-day volume of withdrawals.

MarginFi affirmed in a tweet, "All products remain fully operational and are unaffected (and cannot be affected) by this departure. The point of DeFi is that core contributors can walk away, and the protocol marches on."

Oracle problems

In mid-March, MarginFi encountered a problem with its price data sourcing "oracle" infrastructure, which resulted in some users experiencing failed withdrawal requests at a time when Solana's network congestion was increasing.

The issues with the stale Oracle primarily affected withdrawals rather than deposits, leading to accusations from users who felt that MarginFi was accepting their deposits but not allowing them to withdraw funds. This situation was highlighted by the builder of the popular liquid staking service SolBlaze.

On Wednesday, SolBlaze made accusations against MarginFi. SolBlaze offers rewards to holders of its bSOL and BLZE tokens in the form of additional tokens, known as emissions. Users who deposit SolBlaze tokens on MarginFi also receive these reward payouts, albeit through mrgn and MarginFi.

However, for at least eight days those payments through MarginFi had not been getting to bSOL and BLZE token owners, according to SolBlaze. This was due to a quirk in the way MarginFi handled earmarked tokens, but it was left unmonitored and with no communication to SolBlaze, which has since severed its business relationship with MarginFi. 

Change in leadership roles

 Kyle Samani, managing partner at Multicoin Capital and an investor in MarginFi, stated on X that he remains committed to the protocol and has no plans to withdraw his support.

Another potential figure involved is MacBrennan Peet, another co-founder of MarginFi. Peet has a history of embracing online controversy, such as releasing a video of himself shirtless and chanting "wen token" in December 2023. In a tweet, Peet acknowledged his past behavior and expressed a commitment to being more authentic online. 

He described his previous social media antics and controversial persona as a "growth-hacking" strategy that successfully expanded MarginFi's user base.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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