20 Sep

Singapore, September 13, 2023 -Pantera partner Paul Veradittakit, speaking at TOKEN 2049, emphasized the need for mobile accessibility in the global adoption of cryptocurrency products. At the same time, VERTU unveils its next-generation WEB3 phone, METAVERTU 2 during TOKEN 2049, slated for an official release at the end of October this year. Building on the success of last year's release of the world's first WEB3 phone, METAVERTU, VERTU is poised to once again redefine the mobile landscape

What is a Web3 Phone, and Why VERTU Excels in Crafting Them?

A Web3 phone, like the METAVERTU 2, recently showed up at TOKEN 2049,  is a mobile device designed to seamlessly integrate users into the world of decentralized networks and blockchain technology. VERTU, renowned for its expertise in crafting luxury hardware, has embarked on a mission to make blockchain and Web3 accessible to all. The METAVERTU 2 represents the pinnacle of this endeavor.

One Device, Dual Systems: Transitioning from Web2 to Web3 with Ease

The METAVERTU 2 boasts a unique feature – a decentralized operating system (DOS). This innovation allows users to effortlessly switch between Web2 and Web3 environments with a single tap. During TOKEN 2049, VERTU provided a real machine demonstration of dual system switching at VERTU’s booth. In METASPACE, all Web3 apps are managed separately, ensuring heightened security and privacy. The device also incorporates the I-DID protocol, and I-DID is bounded with IMEI number, which can eliminate sybil attacks and ensure the quality of high-net worth users with strong consuming abilities who come from VERTU.

The Power of Hardware ZK (Zero-Knowledge Proof)

A standout feature of the METAVERTU 2 is its Hardware ZK, a breakthrough in blockchain integration. This technology simplifies blockchain verification to the extent of a fingerprint scan. It utilizes smartphones as edge computing nodes and Secure Elements (SE) as computing units, enabling Zero-Knowledge Proof (ZKP) verification. This approach strikes the perfect balance between decentralization and transaction processing speed.

Build your second brain on your phone

VERTU envisions the METAVERTU 2 as a personal agent, introducing a Decentralized AI Agent (DAA) module for every user. Powered by decentralized blockchain storage, the DAA offers tailored and memory-sharing features, creating emotional resonance and enhanced user services. The device also integrates IQ+EQ agents for task assistance and emotional companionship.

The Future of Web3 Phones

As the blockchain world edges closer to its "mobile moment," VERTU remains committed to advancing Web3 on mobile platforms. The METAVERTU 2 signifies VERTU's dedication to pioneering the convergence of luxury hardware and Web3 technology. Moreover, VERTU's METAVERTU 2 is poised to revolutionize the Web3 landscape, making blockchain accessible and secure for a global audience. As the Web3 journey continues, VERTU remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation.We are excited to announce the official launch of METAVERTU 2 in October. Pre-order is available online now and participants will have the chance to win Bitcoin.

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