21 May

The market capitalization of NEAR is nearing its annual peak, indicating substantial interest and investment in the token.

There's a notable resistance zone hovering around the $9 billion threshold, which has been tested on numerous occasions, indicating robust selling pressure at this level.

Analysis of the NEAR Protocol Market Cap

The $9 billion major obstacle, which was reached in mid-March, is getting closer to the market capitalization of NEAR. This suggests that there is a lot of investment and interest in the token.

Price Movement Remains Above 4-Hour Ichimoku Cloud in the NEAR

The price movement is still above the Ichimoku Cloud, indicating persistent bullish momentum, just like it is on the daily period.

The current market action has shown good support at key mid-term support levels of $7.3 (0.618 Fibonacci retracement) and $7.5 (0.5 Fibonacci retracement). $8 represents the immediate resistance level (0.236 Fibonacci retracement).

Furthermore, a neutral sentiment is suggested by the fact that the RSI (4H) is currently above 50. The 50 level has historically served as a significant level of support, suggesting a possible bounce to 70.

This technical analysis of NEAR Protocol (NEAR) indicates a bullish perspective across both daily and 4-hour timeframes. The approaching all-time high in market capitalization signals significant market interest.

Critical support levels to monitor are approximately $7.5 and $7.3, with noticeable resistance levels at $8 and $8.5.

Price prediction and strategic recommendations

Bullish to Neutral: Price may return to $8 in the Mid-Term: The price may turn bullish once more and reach $8.4 in the Mid-Term, given the robust upward trend of Bitcoin and the interest of the market.

Daily price trading above the Tenkan line indicates a diminished likelihood of a significant short- to medium-term decline. Furthermore, a price decline to $7.2 might cause the market to become more negative.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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