13 May

The Notcoin (NOT) team has revealed plans for an upcoming distribution of a new native cryptocurrency exclusive to the 35 million Notcoin token holders.

On May 16, Notcoin Distribution Will Launch, Increasing Demand and Making Use of TON Blockchain

Commencing on May 16, the distribution of Notcoin will allot roughly 5% of its entire supply to more than 500,000 community members and exchange users by utilizing the TON Blockchain.

Notcoin was first released as a simple clicker game inside the Telegram client. Since then, it has gained a lot of traction, amassing 35 million players and peaking at six million daily active users. The simplicity of Notcoin, which allows players to accumulate points by repeatedly tapping on a picture of a glittering coin and activate bonuses to speed up point accumulation, sets it apart from other usual cryptocurrency games.

Participants in Notcoin Play a Basic Clicker Game

Notcoin, created by Open Builders, is a social clicker game that is integrated into the Telegram app. By tapping on a gold coin that is displayed, users can earn Notcoin, the in-game currency. In order to prevent players from clicking incessantly, the game has energy constraints. Instead, players can use their earned Notcoin to update the UI of the game.

For fans of Notcoin, this announcement is a big step forward since the launch of the NOT token on the Open Network (TON) is anticipated to increase interest in the platform and draw people eager to take advantage of the airdrop and learn more about the advantages of the Open Network ecosystem.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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