10 Jun

Nvidia, the leading chipmaker in the United States, has experienced a remarkable surge in its stock price in 2024, significantly outpacing tech giant Apple. According to Nasdaq data, Nvidia's shares have soared by over 150% year-to-date, while Apple's have seen a more modest rise of just 6%. This exceptional performance has propelled Nvidia's market capitalization to unprecedented levels, briefly surpassing Apple to become the world's second-most valuable company.

This surge is attributed to several factors. The global chip shortage has created a lucrative market for Nvidia's semiconductors, which are in high demand for various applications, including artificial intelligence and gaming. Moreover, Nvidia's planned 10-to-1 stock split is anticipated to further stimulate investor interest in the company.

Last week, Nvidia's market capitalization hit an astounding $3 trillion, setting a new record for the company. This surge briefly pushed Apple into third place. However, Nvidia's valuation has since stabilized at around $2.97 trillion.

The question remains: can Nvidia maintain its momentum and permanently surpass Apple as the world's second-largest company? Only time will tell, but Nvidia's impressive performance in 2024 suggests that the chipmaker is a dominant force in the tech industry.

June 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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