09 May

Solana experienced a 5% drop in value in a single day due to concerns about further sell-offs by FTX, potentially putting $125 million at risk if it rebounds, as it has done in the past. 

This decline coincided with a 40% decrease in open interest for Solana over the last month, signaling trader uncertainty about the cryptocurrency's future.

Despite this uncertainty, Solana has shown resilience in quickly recovering from dips, which could lead to significant losses for short positions. Historical data shows instances where Solana recovered from a 5% drop within 24 hours, such as on April 19 when it swiftly returned to $157 just before the Bitcoin halving.

The recent drop in Solana's value may also be linked to FTX's announcement of plans to sell off assets to compensate victims of its collapse, with Solana being a significant part of these assets. Additionally, there's a general downturn in cryptocurrency market sentiment, as indicated by a 13-point decrease in the Fear and Greed Index score.

Furthermore, developments in the competition between Solana and Ethereum may have influenced Solana's price. There are indications that Solana's transaction fees could surpass Ethereum's, potentially signaling positive news for Solana's value. As of May 7, Solana's total economic value was nearing Ethereum's, suggesting a growing competitive edge.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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