20 Apr

David Schwartz, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Ripple, has been clearing up various rumors and misconceptions about him. During NBA game tickets this week, the CTO was questioned about his money and title as a billionaire.

The cryptocurrency community is now questioning Schwartz's continued relevance at Ripple and his allegiance to the company or the technologies he has contributed to developing.

David Schwartz Is Faithful To Whom?

Following his clarification of the misunderstanding regarding his billionaire status, Schwartz was subjected to additional conjecture and criticism regarding his position at Ripple Labs and his allegiance.

"His allegiance is to Ripple, not the XRPL nor XRP," one X user wrote, adding that the CTO is "just an employee of Ripple Labs." Schwartz took notice of the remark and clarified to whom he is devoted and why.

The reply describes how Chris Larsen, the co-founder of Ripple, went up to Schwartz and urged him to join the board. Larsen thought Schwartz was loyal, thus he wanted the CTO on the team.

When Larsen made his comment, Schwartz took it to mean that he was supporting the former CEO. In response, he said that he "would be loyal to him so long as I felt he was the right guy to run Ripple" and that he had made a commitment to stick with his company.

According to Schwartz, he applies this philosophy to his personal life and doesn't want others to remain loyal to him if they don't think he merits it. Thus, he believes that even his most scathing detractors would acknowledge it:

"To be honest, a lot of them criticize me for precisely this, typically without realizing it."

Although he "might not publicly condemn them out of self-interest," Ripple's CTO says he would quit working for them if the project didn't continue to earn his support.

It's important to note that his response wasn't entirely complimentary. Some pointed out that the XRP Ledger was left out, arguing that this proved the premise of the original post.

Is Schwartz Steve Wozniak's Ripple?

According to the same person who asked the initial inquiry, Schwartz is to Ripple what Steve Wozniak was to Apple and Steve Jobs. Other community members disagreed with the comment, which started a dispute in the replies.

A user highlighted Ripple's CTO's contributions to the development of XRP Ledger and blockchain technology, saying that he is "a lot more than that."

The initial reviewer asked why Schwartz needed Ripple "If he is the grand architect of blockchain? " Another user commented, "Utter misunderstanding of a great man's life's work."

 The CTO seemed to address this rumor in his response, saying that he will leave the organization when it becomes unfun for him to work there:

However, I'm not required to continue working at Ripple, and I'll quit as soon as it becomes tedious. I also don't have to openly express opinions I don't support. All my life, I've tried to stay out of that trap.

Being in charge of a project necessitates handling corporate and administrative responsibilities, as someone noted in the comments, which may not be to everyone's taste. Some people have a strong desire to be in charge. Others only care about R&D and coding—the "cool sh*t." depends on a person's personality and period of life, the user said.

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