29 Apr

A new "strategic partnership" has been established by OpenAI, a renowned artificial intelligence (AI) research organization, and the Financial Times (FT), a daily newspaper published in the United Kingdom.

According to the deal, the companies will use AI starting on April 29 to create new services and products for FT readers.

Users of the well-liked OpenAI ChatGPT AI chatbot will also have access to some summaries, quotes, and links to FT stories as a result of the relationship.

The purpose of this FT content integration into ChatGPT was to improve the chatbot's access to current, reliable information – a subject that has generated a lot of debate in the AI and media sectors.

The Financial Times reported earlier this year that it had signed up for ChatGPT's enterprise edition, which allows access to all of its staff for "creativity and productivity gains."

It has been stated that ChatGPT's enterprise products are actively being promoted to Fortune 500 firms by OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman.

The FT Group CEO, John Riddin, described the arrangement as "important" in several respects, noting that it is at the forefront of "people access and use information."

"Of course, AI platforms should compensate publishers for the use of their content; it is evidently in the best interests of users for these products to include credible sources."

 This is just one of OpenAI's several media-related collaborations during the last six months. The French publisher Le Monde and the Spanish company Prisa Media were partnered with by the AI developer in March in order to supply ChatGPT with news content in both languages.

OpenAI established a cooperation with Axel Springer, a prominent media company in Germany, in December 2023. In early 2024, the company disclosed that it was in negotiations to license news material with major U.S. media firms, such as CNN, Fox, and Time.

The business has successfully collaborated with global media conglomerates, but it has also been the target of litigation from media organizations.

The New York Times filed a lawsuit against OpenAI in December 2023, claiming that the company had used millions of NYT stories without authorization to train its chatbots.

Despite both parties' attempts to have the claims made by the other dismissed since the lawsuit's inception, it is still pending.

However, OpenAI's recent actions—such as partnering with the Associated Press and the American Journalism Project to promote local news initiatives—indicate the company's intention to obtain the necessary authorizations in the media domain.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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