18 May

The Ordinals Summit is a conference focused on the emerging technology of Ordinals on the Bitcoin network.  While there aren't any confirmed events for 2024, the 2023 edition in Singapore provides a good idea of what the summit is all about.

Here's a breakdown:

  • Focus on Ordinals:  This event centers around Ordinals, a method for inscribing data like images and audio directly onto individual Satoshis (smallest unit) of Bitcoin. This opens new possibilities for NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Community Gathering: The Ordinals Summit brings together various stakeholders in the Ordinals space. This includes developers building the technology, artists creating Ordinal works, collectors acquiring them, and investors interested in the potential.
  • Exploring Potential and Challenges:  The summit features talks and discussions from leading figures exploring the potential of Ordinals for art, music, and other creative fields.  Technical and legal aspects are also likely discussed, along with the impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem as a whole.
  • Showcasing and Networking:  There's likely to be an exhibition component where artists can showcase their Ordinal creations. Attendees can network, build connections, and stay updated on the latest developments.
  • Future of Digital Artifacts:  The Ordinals Summit acts as a platform for exploring the future of Ordinals and its impact on digital artifacts on the Bitcoin blockchain. This includes discussions on potential applications and fostering responsible innovation.

Overall, the Ordinals Summit serves as a significant event for the Ordinals community, providing a space for collaboration, education, and exploration of this evolving technology.

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