01 Jul

Paraguay's booming Bitcoin mining industry is facing a potential roadblock: new energy tariffs proposed by the National Electricity Administration (ANDE). Miners argue these increased costs could cripple their operations and stifle further growth in the sector.

The Friction Between ANDE and Miners

The relationship between ANDE and Bitcoin miners has been strained. ANDE accuses some miners of illegal connections and exceeding their allocated power usage. The miners, on the other hand, point to the economic benefits they bring through guaranteed energy purchases and revenue generation for Paraguay.

The Issue of Energy Tariffs

A key point of contention is the proposed hike in electricity rates for crypto mining companies. ANDE argues the current rate, capped at 15% above the industrial rate, is insufficient. Miners counter that such a significant increase would make their operations unprofitable.

Impact on Paraguay's Economy

The potential demise of the Bitcoin mining industry in Paraguay could have negative consequences for the country's economy. The industry has attracted foreign investment, created jobs, and generated significant revenue through energy sales.

The Future of Bitcoin Mining in Paraguay

The future of Bitcoin mining in Paraguay remains uncertain. Negotiations between ANDE and miners are ongoing. A compromise on energy tariffs is crucial to ensure a sustainable future for both the industry and Paraguay's energy grid.

July 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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