27 Apr

Following the Bitcoin halving incident, memecoins are increasing in value. The market was drawn to cryptocurrency traders by Pepe Coin, a well-known meme cryptocurrency. The surge in the value of Pepe coin (PEPE) has attracted the attention of cryptocurrency investors. The frog-based meme token originated from this price rise. Experts in the cryptocurrency market predict that Pepe may soon aim for the ATH. The unexpected increase in Pepe prices, however, is also a result of other forces that are expanding the Pepe industry and will ultimately drive up costs.

The following causes Pepe's price to increase:

To increase support for the meme token, Coinbase has added Pepe perpetual futures contracts for trading on its platform. PEPE's price has surged due to a price action sparked by this listing. After this listing event, the token saw an approximately 50% increase. It's also important to remember that Coinbase had originally scheduled April 11 to mark the start of the token's permanent trading period. But technical difficulties forced the listing to be halted.

A whale has also just added Pepe to its collection. Binance has sold 110 billion PEPE to the market maker Amber Group. Aside from this, a second whale purchased 211.6 billion PEPE, which is why the token has gained widespread interest. There is conjecture in the market that PEPE's price may increase dramatically in the upcoming days due to whales augmenting their holdings of the cryptocurrency.

In addition, there's a chance that the growing popularity of meme tokens in the cryptocurrency market and on social media may contribute significantly to Pepe's price increase. More and more investors will get interested in this coin as it gains popularity. This may contribute significantly to the price increase of PEPE.

Pepe's Week-by-Week Improvement

In little than a week, Pepe's price increases by about 45%. On the other hand, the frog-based meme token's weekly chart revealed a sharp rise of 50.50% in the previous week. Pepe has displayed optimistic signals with a jump in the last seven days due to the market's ongoing increase in buying demand. At $0.000007758, the price of PEPE was up 8.17% in the previous day. In addition, the token's market capitalization surged by 1.05% to $3.11 billion, while its 24-hour trading volume grew by 4.80% to reach $1.2 billion.

Coin Gabbar predicts that Pepe's values will rise since, over the last two weeks, investors have acquired 3.3 trillion Pepe tokens with substantial investment plans. This increased market optimism for Pepe currencies.

Predictions made by industry analysts such as Davie Satoshi, who analyzes the market and provides insights into Pepe's new support levels, are another factor contributing to continuity. Additionally, a few technical indicators demonstrate Pepe's consistent market rise. It is anticipated that the price of Pepe would likely continue to rise. Traders should pay attention to Pepe's price in order to increase their gains in the cryptocurrency market.

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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