20 Jun

PokerFi is a project aiming to bring the thrill of Texas Hold'em poker to the world of cryptocurrency. While details are still emerging, here's what we know so far:

Possible Play-to-Earn: PokerFi mentions integrating with Web3, which could involve earning cryptocurrency or NFTs through gameplay. This would potentially align with the play-to-earn model where skilled players can monetize their poker prowess.

NFT Integration: PokerFi has plans to release NFTs featuring poker players and influencers. Owning these NFTs might provide in-game benefits like access to exclusive tournaments.

Uncertain Functionality:  Crucially, information about the actual poker game functionality is limited. There's no confirmation yet if it will be a fully playable poker platform or primarily focus on NFT aspects.

Wait and Watch: With an official launch targeted for late April/early May 2024, it's best to stay updated on PokerFi's official channels for clearer details on its features and potential play-to-earn mechanics.

Remember:  Even if it involves play-to-earn, approaching PokerFi primarily as a game of skill and strategy is important. Consider the inherent risks of cryptocurrency and treat any potential earnings as a bonus, not a guaranteed income.

June 2024, Cryptoniteuae 

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