22 Apr

Following the snapshot at Bitcoin block 840,269 for the airdrop of a meme currency to Runestone holders, the floor price of the Runestone non-fungible token (NFT) collection fell dramatically during the course of the previous day.

The floor price of the NFT collection dropped by about 55% in a single day, to 0.033 BTC (about $2,168), according to CoinGecko data. Furthermore, the collection's 24-hour trading volume dropped by 55% to 2.63 BTC.

On April 11, when the Bitcoin-based NFT collection reached the price tag of 0.095114 BTC (about $6,250), Runestone saw its all-time high floor price. Additionally, CoinGecko verified that as of April 22, there were 112,400 Runestone NFTs in circulation, held by 75,540 distinct individuals, and the collection has a total market cap of $244,562,012. 

On social networking site X, Leonidas, the founder of Runestone, responded to the worries expressed by the digital asset community on the collapse of the NFTs after snapshot floor price by saying:

"After this snapshot, some people with low IQs will undoubtedly claim that Runestone's floor has dropped. This viewpoint is obviously illogical. The overall value you obtained from a Runestone after you purchased it or were airdropped with it should be your idea of its worth."

According to Leonidas, holders need to take into account that they will be qualified for three airdrops total—one of which is finished—if they own Runestone NFTs. "When calculating the total value of the original Runestone airdrop," the designer advised, one should "look back at the total value of DOG and all other airdrops to Runestone holders."

April 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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