31 May

The Sei Foundation has issued an official statement confirming the update of the Sei Airdrop Checker, ensuring users will now receive precise results.

Sei Airdrop Checker Revises User Requirements

The updated blog post numbers show that there are now more qualified wallets despite the airdrop criteria staying the same. Addresses have to be linked and accept the requirements in order to be eligible for Sei tokens.

After completing its second airdrop, Sei, a Layer 1 platform based on the Cosmos SDK, distributed 27 million SEI tokens to previous users. This stage, known as "Phase 2," prepares the groundwork for the upcoming release of Sei V2, an EVM virtual machine-compatible version.

Addresses with more than 150 NFTs from elite collections or more than 2,000,000 SEI are now excluded criteria. The organization has responded to previous accusations by taking steps to guarantee a more equitable distribution.

Equity Allocation Mechanisms Strengthen Sei Platform Attraction

The Sei Foundation's token airdrop honors the accomplishments of current users and seeks to draw new players into the ecosystem. Users are advised to check the Sei Airdrop Checker for more information.

This most recent distribution not only addressed earlier pessimism but also created a great deal of interest for Layer 1 after the first airdrop caused backlash in the community. Additionally, it has drawn people eager to test the upcoming V2 upgrade on the Sei platform.

May 2024, Cryptoniteuae

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